Happy Wednesday! It may be freezing out today, but I have the day off and I’m using it as the perfect excuse to gym, go buy new bedding, and organize my room before meeting up with the man for a Mexican happy hour/dinner.  After the holidays and all of the coming and going, packing and unpacking, presents stacking up in random places, I ALWAYS feel the need to organize in January.  I may not make it through my whole room in one day, but I can at least get a head start! The other night I organized my makeup drawers, and that alone felt so therapeutic.  I plan on going through all of my drawers and closet (who am I kidding – that is a day in itself) and bringing a ton of clothes to GoodWill.  Anyway, what with the cold temps (I even saw flurries walking home from work last night!), I wanted to share these adorable accessories that are less than $15 each!

I love this cute charcoal beanie, and I have it in beige too!

I also love this scarf as it is soooo soft, and I also own this in another color as well! What can I say, when I find something I like, I get two!

My lipstick is Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Catnip and I am OBSESSED.  It is so gorgeous.  I linked it below, but good luck finding it in stock! Ahhh.

And because I promised my #1 tip to get YOUR best body:

Let me clarify by saying that this is my #1 tip to get your best beach body..

and that is to start working towards it now, in January!  Its true what they say; Beach bods are made in the Winter.  I know that with the colder temps we tend to crave comfort food and sitting in cozy bars drinking heavy beer; trust me, during Winter I find myself picking on fried foods more often than ever, or wanting to live off of red wine and charcuterie boards.  I’m loving desserts before bed and snack attacks are occurring way more than they do in the Summer.  But the sad truth is, we all did enough damage to our physiques in December, and odds are our jeans are feeling a little too snug for our liking – so we’ve got to get started now!

I’m not saying to enter starvation mode or a super-duper clean diet with 5-6 days of training a week.  I’m just saying, if you’ve let yourself “fall off” lately, start to ease yourself back into healthier foods and working out 2-3 times a week, so that once Summer actually DOES roll around, you’ll have maintained a good weight and can just shred up for that bikini! Results take way longer than we think they do to arrive – months instead of weeks, so just be prepared for that!

Have a great day.