Hey guys! While I was doing my closet Spring cleaning last week (prepping for new fashion posts) I came across this very outfit and thought “How great for Spring!” ¬†- then remembered that it is the exact outfit I featured on my birthday in October (6 months to the day!). ¬†Hopefully recycling this post will remind you that some outfits are very easily transitioned from season to season, and you can just go shopping in your own closet! This is on point with the Spring floral trend, floppy hat, booties & lightweight jacket! Enjoy (again).


25! Today, I am 25.

I’m feeling good about things, my friends. I’m extremely hopeful for my future, and above all extremely appreciative of all the great people in my life. Each year has been better than the last, and I’m so excited to see what 25 will bring.

Now, you know I’m not usually one for a floral and feminine outfit, but something about it being your birthday calls for a special outfit, doesn’t it?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.

Playing around fountains in front of the Met seemed like the right idea.

Guess Watch

This dress is from Forever 21 and while I’ve only worn it a handful of times over the years, I feel special in it every time I wear it. Less than $20 – who cares? Hasn’t stopped me from wearing it to a wedding.

This h&m hat is one of those floppy hats that I feel is a game changer for an outfit. Seriously, picture this outfit without it. Can’t do it? Nope, me neither.


This jacket I got on my last thrifting haul has just been so perfect for these crisp Fall days. Light enough to wear over a sweater, it’s just got that effortlessly casual vibe that I adore so much.

The Steve Madden shoes I got at Marshall’s have been getting a crazy amount of use this Fall! They’re just so flipping adorable to me, and I wear them for day or night.

What do you wear to make yourself feel special? Do you have anything in your closet that you can put on to instantly lift your mood? Fashion is good like that, huh? ;)

Thanks for all the birthday love so far, and I hope you have a great weekend! I’ve got bday celebrations tonight and my friend’s wedding tomorrow. Big stuff!

Much love,

Photos Raven Adams