December is the perfect time to mix the neutral tones from Fall with the cool and dark tones of Winter.  Just because Fall is over doesn’t mean that all of my earthy hued sweaters are going to get kicked to the curb!

Also, just because Winter is upon us doesn’t mean that we still can’t bring the heat to our outfits..Wait, did I really just say that?!

A black envelope skirt worn with the coziest of thigh high socks and dressy black booties make this outfit suitable for a night out (or perhaps a fancy lunch?).  Layer on a long puffy coat to layer over the skin that is showing, and you’re good to go!

This incredible sweater is 100% cashmere and was given to me by my friend Ryan’s girlfriend.  It’s by the brand Inhabit, and as if touching this thing wasn’t magical enough, I soon came to realize this sweater had a little more sass than I originally thought..

A turtleneck with an unexpected open back.  How cool.  How sexy.  How different..right?! Dang, just when we thought that the turtleneck meant we were getting frumpy.

I’m just so obsessed with the idea that we can wear a sweater and skirt in the winter and jazz things up a little bit.

This burgundy necklace is the perfect complement to the color scheme of this outfit.  Dainty and elegant for the holiday season.

I hope you guys think to recreate this outfit! Nothing wrong with a little sex appeal when the temp drops ;)

(Lipstick: NYX in Sierra)

Photos Raven Adams