Happy Fab Find Tuesday!

If I haven’t previously said it, I think I have an undiagnosed mild case of OCD!  With that in mind, one of my favorite things to do is organize stuff.  I’m a believer in that old saying “a place for everything and everything in its place”  It especially excites me when I can find a cool use for something that it’s not intended for.

My favorite example, this office filing cabinet.  Personally, I don’t see it’s intended use unless you have a stockpile of pens and sharpies.  But…..if you’ve got a ton of makeup and hair products, this is the perfect solution.

For those of us that don’t have a legit vanity (this is the one I’m holding out for) or are limited on space, this is an ingenious solution.  With multiple beauty bag subscriptions and an addiction to Sephora, this setup affords you to separate all of your cosmetics & toiletries.  Everything is so much easier to find and I only have to look through what I need, not a bottomless drawer of everything in my bathroom.  Another bonus, it’s on wheels.

This cabinet will run you about $60 unless you can find it at a big box store like Costco, then you’ll save about $20.

My setup by drawer:

Makeup brushes

foundations, primers, concealers & highlighters

eye shadows

mascaras, brow stuff & eyeliners

travel size products

body lotions, sunless tanners & roller ball perfumes

hair products

facial masks and cleansers

makeup bags to go & a mini travel flat iron

Notice that I keep my travel case on top for added convenience.

I hope this helps you get your beauty game organized!