Fashion Friday ya’llllllll.  Today the main focus is one dress – bought for $12.50 at a vintage store (can’t even make out the label anymore) – worn 3 different ways.

First up, pleather vest with flat boots.

I believe the vest cost $19.99 at Lucky 21, East Harlem’s impostor Forever 21.  Sounds charming, doesn’t it? The store is definitely “ghetto”, but I make it my mission to walk into those stores and leave with something AWESOME.  Way back when, before Necessary Clothing was even trendy, I used to frequent it for that exact reason.  The hunt is half the fun!  Anyway, the boots are Lucky Brand and I LOVE THEM.  Bought them last year off Haute Look, and I’ve lived in them ever since.

Ahh, just overlooking the projects.  What a life I lead, I tell ya.

 For Look 2, we introduce the cargo shirt/jacket..however you want to wear it.  I bought this shirt about two years ago, when I was beyond broke in college and went to Zara with $50 thinking “What ONE piece do I want to buy that will make me feel cool every damn time I wear it?”  This was it.  The shoulder detailing (which has since shown up on everything) and the easy-going feeling of cuffs is what got me.

Booties are from Payless for a whopping $50.

You see me, Hi Hata. (slang for hater, all you non-rap listeners out there)

Lastly, look 3.  This pretty little thing can do bad all by itself.  Also, HELLO indoor lighting.  What a blessing it is compared to the harsh, gray afternoon light.

P.S Ashliey – The apt is showcased again, hope you don’t mind ;)

And there ya have it, this week’s BOAB.  Once you find your personal style, labels don’t matter :)