Date Night!

Now, let me explain why my simplest outfit is considered date-night appropriate.  You know guys don’t understand fashion, right? I should rephrase this.  MOST guys don’t understand fashion.  Most straight guys.  I’ve dated a few guys that love love love how I dress (bring on the prints, pleather & sneaker wedges), which obviously can be great, and then I’ve dated other guys who see me dressed for the day and shake their head like I’m a 3 headed monster.  Polls have shown that trendy women dress more for the approval of other girls, as opposed to men’s.

Men are really very simple creatures.  I think if they can see the shape of your body, they’re pleased.  Shocker.  Flattering jeans: check.  High heels: check.  Flowy tank (no push-up bra (or any bra for that matter) needed!): Check.  Kissable lipstick: check.

Margaritas on the boardwalk? YUP.

Sooooo, uh, who’s ready for a date? ;)

Photography : Raven Adams