Hey FitGirls.  I’m getting more and more excited to do these Fashion/Food posts because I get to share how to eat like a boss and dress like a city princess on a SERIOUS budget.  I’d like to think that my meals don’t look like they cost under $10 and my outfits don’t look under $100 (usually WAY under).  I take pride on being a broke b*tch and workin’ with it ;)

Wooooo! Cheap clothes! Jacket cost $40 and is very light – can be worn with some skinny jeans and 6inchers at night or casual shorts, flats, and some shades during the day.  Shorts were $25 and are also very versatile.  Wear them with a slouchy off-the-shoulder shirt tucked in for a look that can take you from the BBQ to the bar.  I would wear this outfit to an early summer night dinner, and next time I’m going to slick my hair back in a pony.  Mmmm.

Photography by James Durrand