Dry shampoo is one of those products that I wonder how I ever lived without.  The right dry shampoo can literally SAVE YOUR LIFE.  OK, maybe not save your live..but it definitely saves your hair from looking a disaster.

I love not having to wash my hair every day.  In the past I would just use some trusty baby powder, but now there are tons of dry shampoos on the market that I can use on bad hat hair or after a gym sesh.  I wanted to give every brand that I saw a try, and so here is the rundown!

Psssssst! – This brand is awesome.  A can lasted me quite a long time, although I usually need to use a lot of it at once to tackle my massive heaps of hair.  For under $10, this is definitely a brand to try.  The only downside is you do really need to shake out the white residue until it dries completely.

Marc Anthony – So you guys know I love his beach spray, therefore I figured this product was worth giving a try.  The verdict – ehh.  Not terrible, but I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  My hair stopped feeling clean after a few hours.

Suave - Nope.  This was on sale at Duane Reade and definitely the cheapest of the bunch.  This spray made me wish I just washed my hair in the shower.  It dries like hairspray, leaving my hair so awkwardly stiff that I had no choice but to throw it up in a bun.

Batiste: The winner.  The tried and true.  This was the first ever dry shampoo brand I tried, and now that I’ve given the rest of them a whirl, I know that this is the only way to go.  This cute little bugger was the travel size I picked up from Ulta for our Jamaica trip.  This dry shampoo dries almost instantly, and just as instantly it brings your hair back to life, giving vibrancy and movement back as if you just gave yourself a blowout!

Do you guys use dry shampoo as regularly as I do? Do you have a favorite brand?

Have a great weekend!