Lately, I’ve been getting really tired of the amount of STUFF that accumulates in my room.  Well, don’t get me wrong – I love the stuff.  Gifts from GUESS Watches, an ever-expanding makeup collection, tons of books..It adds up quickly and I knew that if I was going to stay sane in my NYC bedroom, I would have to get creative.

I wanted to get organized, but I also wanted to keep things simple and cheap;  right now in my apartment the only space I have to call my own is my bedroom, and I didn’t want to spend on a ton of money on anything too colorful or decorative that it wouldn’t work well with my future apartment (since I will probably change my bedroom scheme per usual every time I move).  Also, if I find things that I like more in the future, I won’t mind tossing these because of how cheap they were!

ANYWAY, these tree stands from Target that I’m sure everyone and their mother has at this point are an amazing tool to store and display jewelry.  Before this I had my jewelry in a box, which was fine, but resulted in me literally never remembering to put jewelry on.  Now, with everything on display, it not only looks cleaner and more fun but will remind me when I’m doing my makeup at my vanity station right next to it that I even have all of this jewelry! (Still a box of “summer jewelry” under my desk, FYI).  These were only $20 a pop.  (Shop the products at the bottom of this post!)

Underneath my jewelry is a 6-level drawer storage unit, similar to this one but in black.  The first three drawers are dedicated to tons and tons of makeup (one for lipstick, one for eyeshadows, etc), while the bottom are reserved for face masks, pain relievers, hair products and whatnot.  No longer is my stuff just thrown about or cluttering my desk, it’s all hidden in drawers and I know exactly where to find everything! Thanks, mom.

 I also picked up some pretty bins at Target to store books, papers, etc.  One is on my dresser and another is under my bed.  Bins are great!

The next budget project resulted in my lack of patience with having to clean my makeup brushes way too regularly from tossing them around in my makeup bag.  They all were smushed around the bag and I could just feel the bacteria spreading on my face when I used them.  No bueno.  I decided it was time to order all new brushes, and I also decided that I would take better care of this round.  My main concern was keeping them covered so as not to get dusty.  I posted this pic on Insta and was warned not to keep the lids air-tight, though! So I’ll be sure to let the brushes breathe and not let the jars get flooded with bacteria.

These jars were $4.99 each at Bed Bath & Beyond, and the rice was about $1.50 at the store downstairs from my apartment.  Can’t beat that!  I think that soon I will replace the rice with something prettier..maybe some clear beads or stones.  Something calming.  IDK rice is weird the more I look at it.  Lol.

For an affordable brush, I LOVE me some Real Techniques.  They really are incredible and I can’t believe how cheap they are.  My mom bought me a Marc Jacobs contour kit AND the brush recommended with it, and I am absolutely obsessed with it.  I decided to go with Sigma eye brushes as I’ve been hearing about them so much through the YouTube world! I’m feeling pretty good about my new collection.

Between the jars, my storage drawers, vanity station, and jewelry stands – getting ready feels like such a luxury! I love my little corner :)

Hope these tips help! I also hear that Pinterest has a ton of storage ideas, if you’re into the DIY things!