Simple Skincare: You may have seen it, but you may not have used it.  I myself, am absolutely obsessed.  Let me get that statement out of the way! I am definitely guilty of spending too much money on skincare and makeup on most occasions, but a few months ago I went on a last minute shopping trip to Ulta to stock up on sunscreen and last minute supplies for a Mexico trip, and this Simple cleansing Micellar Water caught my eye.  It cleanses, removes makeup, and hydrates all with the application of a cotton pad.  This seemed so perfect for vacation! Low maintenance, worth a try, and only $7.

I really, really enjoyed this product and even bought the Micellar Water makeup-up remover wipes to go with it.  That bottle lasted me a good two months, which I think it pretty good considering I used it morning and night.  On nights where I’m wearing loads of makeup, I remove product with the wipe, cleanse with my Ole Henrikson foaming cleanser, and then go in with the Simple water just to be sure I’m getting everything out of my pores.  However, on nights when I’m wearing little makeup, this is just a quick two-step process! Makeup wipe, cotton pad – done.

Simple Skincare is currently running a “Test the Water” campaign, complete with contests and giveaways.  Head over to their site for more info! 

On behalf of Choose Your Advenure with Simple Skincare, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Sakara Life meal delivery service this week.  Sakara is a delivery service that provides plant-based, filling, vibrant and nutritious meals straight to your door.  I have to say, I am usually weary of food delivery services, and even more weary of meals that don’t include any meat or fish protein! However, I have to say that not only was I satisfied, but I found each meal to be truly, truly delicious and satiating.  Protein-packed salads included hemp-crusted avocado, black bean burritos, beet and squash, soba noodles and even more feel-good foods.  It was such a luxury to not have to prep my meals, and I would most certainly recommend this for everyone, even those that don’t practice a plant-based lifestyle! Visit their site to see a sample menu and learn more about the company and pricing.

Disclaimer: While all of the above mentioned products were sent to me to sample for review, I was not compensated for the post and all opinions expressed are my own.

Have a great day!