Oh hey.  Happy Friday, ya’ll!  So, we know that mama Steph has referred to her Caudalie skincare routine in the past, and while I’m sure that those products are great, they are also EXPENSIVE.  This student-loan paying NYC-living chick certainly has to maintain a budget. However, that doesn’t mean that my skincare routine should suffer.  I’ve tried a few different lines of products, and one that I’m currently into is Releve skincare.  All organic, no chemicals, and no toxic preservatives make this a great line for my once VERY acne prone skin.

In high school I had terrible acne, and while that acne has since gone away (praiiiiiise), I’ve got to be super careful with the products I put on my face.  I have found that unscented, organic products work best.  I’ve worn this Releve SPF 20 moisturizer all day throughout the summer and have never seen a breakout from it (whew!).  I also use their chamomile eye therapy once a day in the morning, and their Exhilareyes Eye Renewal Cream before bed.  Their charcoal clay mask also feels AMAZING on my skin, and I use that once a week.  These products range anywhere from $25-$40 – super affordable for skincare! You can also buy travel sizes as I have!

I never had much of a skincare “routine”, but within the past year I’ve developed one.  A SIMPLE one, mind you..but still, a routine.  I start with the Clarisonic acne cleanser using my Clarisonic in the morning.  If you don’t have a Clarisonic yet, GET ONE.  It is a game changer, people.  I’ve also started wearing a lot more makeup in the past year, which makes it even more necessary that I use the Clarisonic before bed.  You will be AMAZED at how deep into your pores that thing gets.   It may seem like a steep purchase, but I’m telling you, it will save your skin.

After cleansing I use a “toner”, AKA this $3.00 astringent.  I’ve used fancy toners in the past, and at the end of the day this guy just does the trick.  If you’ve got a breakout going on, this will really help to clean out your pores.  It may sting, but that means its working!

After toner, I layer on my Made From Earth serum.  I spent sooo much time on the web searching for a serum, and I’ve reordered this product twice now.  Again, any product that doesn’t make me breakout is a winner in my book.

After serum, its the SPF 20 sunscreen, followed by the eye cream.  And that’s it! I’m ready to apply makeup.  This entire routine takes no more than 5 minutes, and it just helps in making my skin feel clean, moisturized and ready for the day!

Some more tips for clear skin:

1. ALWAYS, ALWAYS take your makeup off before bed.  I pass out in my makeup from time to time, and the aftermath is not cute.

2. Drink tons of water.  If you’re dehydrated, your skin will definitely show it.

3. Eat unprocessed foods.  You are what you eat, so if you’re eating fried foods every day you can expect your face to look greasy :)

Do you have a skincare routine? I would LOVE to hear what products you use.

Enjoy the weekend :)