(Original post date 1/7/15)

Although it was a FRIGID, FRIGID day, my friend Lindsay and I found a fun way to pass the time before grabbing a latte in a cozy cafe on a Wednesday afternoon in Soho.  Lindsay had been mentioning the Bite Beauty Lip Lab for quite some time, and I’m so happy we finally took the opportunity to visit! Bite Beauty is one of our favorite all natural lipstick brands as of late.  Their colors are beautiful, the texture is creamy and perfect – and now we have the chance to sit down with a lab artist and create our very own Bite shade?! Very cool.

We were lucky enough that the beauty lab wasn’t busy at all, so we sat with a technician right away.  The artist first asks what color shade you’re looking to create, and what kind of finish (matte, creme or sheer) before she starts to mix and match.

Lindsay, always one to go a little vampy!

These colors are all so freakin’ gorgeous, and it was fun to watch the technician at work.

If you’re not happy with the first round, they can always go back and change whatever you wish.  For instance, the first shade created for Lindsay was a little too red for her liking, and adjustments were made until she had found her perfect shade!

I wasn’t really sure what shade I was looking to create..I honestly have so many lip colors these days that I think I have all the bases covered.  However, I figured a “berry” mix of shades would work well for Winter but also transition nicely into Spring.

There she is! My perfect lip color.

After the shade is created, you move on to pick your scent! So cool.

I ended up going for a mint & vanilla combo..yuuuuum.

And here we have the finished product! I’m really happy with my color and can’t wait to wear it more often.  At $36 plus tax, this isn’t exactly an affordable lipstick, however the experience and the fact that it’s YOUR OWN CUSTOM SHADE makes it very worth it!

Visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab at 174 Prince Street