Today’s Fab Find is all about beauty.  If you know Ava, you know she has lashes to die for.  They’re so amazing that back in her dance days, she was able to forgo the fake lashes with a healthy dose of mascara.

Obviously we’re not all that lucky.  I have descent lashes, but they certainly need a little help.  Enter Yves Saint Laurent Baby Doll Mascara.  I already have their Shocking mascara, it’s also amazing, but more suited for night time lashes, in my humble opinion. They’re a bit too thick and dramatic my daytime look, but it’s definitely a brand I prefer.

Now in the market for a new daytime mascara, I saw that YSL was coming out with Baby Doll in the beginning of the summer.  It was touted as lengthening, separating and reaching those baby hairs most mascaras miss.  I was totally on board.  I made sure that I preordered it through Sephora to ensure that I had it before it hit the stores.

Ah, the arrival.  The first time I used it, I was in love!  I would have written this post sooner, but I wanted to see how the mascara would hold up in the tube.  As you can guess, it did well or it wouldn’t be my fab find.  I find that most mascaras start to clump or dry out no matter what the price after the first month or so.  I’m happy to say, that 2 months into my tube, there is no clumping, no dryness and it still works as well as the first day.

See it for yourself, I hope you think it’s as amazing as I do.  With Baby Doll, I have longer lashes, but they’re thin and natural, just look I want to achieve.

YSL Baby Doll is available for $30.00 at Sephora and online at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty.  Available colors:  Fetish Black, Audacious Blue, Indiscreet Purple & Wheedler Brown.  I currently have Fetish Black, but I  have ordered Indiscreet Purple as it is a great compliment to brown eyes.

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