Hola amigas! So, sometime last year I purchased the Makeup Forever HD Starter Kit from Sephora.  This kit includes a primer, a brush, foundation and HD setting powder.  This line was created for those camera-ready moments, as the foundation and powder is really only activated with the flash of a camera.  The other night while I was getting ready for dinner, I had some time to kill so I figured I would take some photos along the way to show juuuust how great makeup can be.  I’ve currently got breakouts and blotchy skin, so what a perfect time to show you my face without makeup! Ha, ha.  Now, I am definitely no expert and this is certainly not turning into a beauty blog, however I’ve learned some tricks very recently that make all that difference in my makeup.  I used to absolutely hate doing my makeup, and now it is just so fun for me! I’ve got drawers and drawers of different products now.  I spend more money at Sephora than I do in clothing stores, that’s for sure.  Anyway, let’s get this party started.

Before: wearing the HD Primer ONLY.  Primer usually makes my face shiny for a minute, but then it seeps in and is cured by powder.

Now, I think some makeup artists do concealer after applying foundation, but for me with all of my trouble zones I decided to do it first.  Excuse the child like drawing – just figured it was easiest! On the forehead I blend up and out, and for the rest of the spots I just pat with my finger tips until the concealer is completely blended.  I used to use a brush for concealer, but perhaps out of laziness I don’t anymore.  On my blemishes I simply dab a little bit, as opposed to piling on the coverup like I used to do in the past.

In between concealer and bronzer, I applied a dime-sized amount of the HD Forever foundation using my hot pink beauty blender (linked at the bottom).  I love this thing because when you use it moist it does such a great job of really getting the foundation into the skin.

After foundation, I applied my Too Faced Bronzed & Poreless bronzer on the painted areas above.  This is where the change starts to happen, people.  Applying bronzer all over your face will definitely give you color, but it won’t look natural (this took me probably 7 years of putting on makeup to realize).  With just a LITTLE bit of contouring, the face starts to really take shape.

(Did the eyes really quickly using a combination of the Urban Decay Naked 2 and Naked 3 palettes)

Sweep the bronzer in an upward motion to really define your cheekbones, make your forehead (or 5-head like me) appear smaller, and your nose appear thinner.

After my eyes were done I used my holy grail of mascara, Babydoll by YSL.  This stuff makes me eyelashes CRAZY.  Love it.

For a lip I used my Bite lip primer and then a nude shade from Bite over that.  A super natural look that didn’t take long at all!  Makeup really is a Godsend once you learn how to use it properly :)

Hope you enjoyed, and you can order all the products I used below!