Alright chicas, listen up.  Over the past few months, as if being obsessed with clothes is not enough of an issue, I’ve developed a lipstick obsession.  Some are glossy, some are stains, but most in my collection these days are matte.  To me, the look of a bright, matte lipstick with a simple cat-eye is perfect for night OR daytime.  Here I’m rounding up the ones you should splurge or pass on.

From L to R: Covergirl, Lorac, Bite, YSL.

Covergirl: Obviously the affordable one out of the bunch, I am surprisingly pleased with these lipsticks! Creamy and long-lasting, this is definitely the lipstick you should be looking for if you’re on a budget.  These are anywhere between $4 and $8 depending on which pharmacy (and which expensive city you’re in :-P ) Colors above: Vibrant Mandarin and Park Ave Beach

Lorac: OK, so I’m just gonna get this out of the way..this lipstick was a MAJOR disappointment.  I’d been eyeing Lorac’s new Alter Ego Lipstick on Instagram for a few weeks and the colors are so dang beautiful that I just HAD to run out and grab some.  The colors-amazing, the texture-not so much.  More cakey than creamy, this lipstick started to fade away after about 10 minutes of lip-smacking (aka talking).  Colors above: Flower Child (selfie pic) and Girl Next Door. $16 at Ulta PASS

Bite: My holy grail of lipsticks and glosses.  All natural and the creamiest, longest-lasting lipsticks you’ll ever buy.  $28 at Sephora and totally worth the splurge. Colors above: Quince (selfie pic) and Vidal SPLURGE

YSL: Another great find.  Not as creamy as Bite, but the coral-y pinks and oranges are not tubes you want to pass up.  Totally fresh for Spring and Summer looks.  Colors above: Rouge Volupte Shine (selfie pic) and Juicy Melons $35 SPLURGE

If you’re one of those chicks that is yet to experiment with lipstick, it’s time for you to get bold and get on board!