Hey all! Switching up the usual Friday routine with a beauty  post instead of a fashion post.  My interests in all things “girly” have expanded way beyond fashion in the last year or two; decor and beauty have become almost more fun for me, in all honesty.  I love sitting on Pinterest (when time permits) to find new makeup looks to try, and I’ve become quite the makeup buff! I’ve mentioned this before, but I was NEVER good at makeup.  Never, ever.  For 15 years of competitive dance, my mom did my makeup every single time.  Now not only do I do my own makeup, but I do it well.  Friends are always complimenting me on my makeup, and it feels good, I tell you! Its become so fun and getting ready at my vanity has truly become a luxurious process that I take my time with.  My makeup routine during the day maxes out at BB cream, a little bronzer and mascara, but at night…bring on the products!  I’ve played with so many products over the years, but these have become my tried and true.

First I prime my face with Benefit primer; this is the travel size that I usually grab at the checkout line at Ulta, because this primer lasts me a long time! You just need a few drops, and it really does help to smooth out pores for a smooth foundation application.  Next I go in with the Dior Airflash foundation with a beauty blender or stipple brush (literally depends on my mood for which one I’m going to use).

After foundation I go in with my Maybelline Age Rewind concealer (drugstore!) – I’ve tried so many drugstore concealers, and this is by far my favorite one for giving some serious coverage to my seriously sleepless-looking eyes.  I then blend that out with the mini beauty blender.  Following foundation and concealer, I go in with Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless powder (not pictured!).  This step, although unpictured, is SUPER IMPORTANT.  My skin is super oily, so I love a matte finish to makeup because otherwise I will look like a grease ball in 2 hours time.  Even if your skin is not oily, you still want to put a powder on to help seal the makeup you just applied.

Then, to take it one step further, apply a translucent setting powder.  I love love love this Laura Mercier powder so much.  It’s beautiful and really gives a flawless finish to makeup.  I used to have MakeupForever HD powder, and even though that is supposed to be for flash photography, I had some nightmarish experiences with the product looking WHITE as a ghost in flash photos.  Out with the old, in with the new.  This is a great step if you know you’re going to an event where you’ll be taking a lot of pictures.  Or, if you just know that your friends are going to be taking 1,000 Instagram photos, either way..

After that step, I go in with my Marc Jacobs contour palette and lightly contour my face.  My face is super round, so contouring is a vital step for me to “slim” my face, although I try not to go in too harsh.  Even so, after I use that palette I grab a huge fluffy round brush and apply Too Face Chocolate Soleil bronzer all over to blend the contour. The contour has a highlighter in the palette, and since that guy is almost fresh out, I apply either Hourglass highlighter or Nars Albatross highlighter to my cheekbones.  SO beautiful for nighttime makeup.  It gives a sheen and looks amazing in pics.  Contouring DEFINITELY takes practice, I will tell you that.  I look at old pics of my contouring and am like “oh, lawd”.  But once you get it, it’s really fun to play with.

Highlighters! One or both, depending on what kind of shimmer you’re going for.

I also apply either Smashbox or Sephora brand blush, just lightly to the apples of my cheeks.  Apply a few spritzes of Urban Decay makeup setting spray, and you’re all set to go! It seems like a lot of makeup, and that’s because it is! I promise that it does not feel heavy or cakey, though, and you just want to be sure that you properly remove your makeup before bed so you don’t break out!

Have a great weekend, ya’ll!