I like to think of myself as savvy shopper.  I don’t spend more than I can afford, and I’m usually on the lookout for good deals.  On the flip side, I am 100% guilty of walking into Target for one item and spending $200 (but seriously, who goes to Target expecting to buy one thing anyway?).

When I visit Sephora, I literally beeline for the products that I know need replacing in my makeup stash, and keep tunnel vision until checkout.  Ulta – not so much.  Ulta is a playground, and I literally lose all control when I am in that place.  So colorful, so many brands, so many exciting new products!

Glad to know I have the same problem with Ricky’s.

I usually only go to Ricky’s for NYX products (since we don’t have Ulta in the city), which is at the very front of the store.  I’ve also gone to buy gift bags or birthday presents for my girlfriends, but managed to keep things in check.  Yesterday, I had to pop by Ricky’s strictly (or so I thought) for some purple shampoo.  I’m dealing with a terrible hair situation that is the result of a trip to a DIFFERENT hairdresser than my usual.  Tried to save $100, but the joke’s on me.  Left with a crazy unnatural, stripey, brassy color that needs correction.  For all you blondes out there, purple shampoo is the no-salon fix at getting your brassy highlights to a bright blonde color.  Use 1-2x a week in lieu of your regular shampoo, and after a few weeks the brassy tone should start to fade.

I also remembered that I was at the very end of my moroccan oil, which I use as a heat protectant, so I scooped some of that up.

Next, I remembered that I am out of my Rosewater spray, which I use for the days when I feel too lazy to go through my whole skincare routine, but know that my skin still needs a bit of rehydration.

Right next to the Rosewater spray was this Almond Glow Coconut Skin Lotion that I knew I just had to have.  I’ve used it now, and I’m in love with it.  Smells great, feels fantastic.  I can’t wait for summer days when I can lather this on after a day of getting tan.

This St. Ives blackhead clearing scrub caught my attention because I THEN remembered that my Clarisonic Acne scrub at home was at the end of its rope.  I have yet to use it, but from what I understand St. Ives is a safe bet when it comes to the less expensive cleansers.

Loving nude-ish nail colors on me lately, so I got Essie’s “Bride To Be”, NYX Brow Shaper Pencil (love this product),  a NYX “Wonder Pencil” that brightens under eyes or doubles as concealer, and NYX lip liner in “Natural”.

Go in for $7 shampoo, end up spending $100.  Can we say #CHICKPROBLEMS?! Guys have no idea.

Any other ladies guilty of doing this? What store is your absolute weakness?

Have a great day