Hey all! Happy Monday (or try to make it happy).

OK, so organization is not my strong point.  In fact I will go ahead and say that it is a weakness.  I am totally one of those “throw everything in one massive pile in the closet and SHUT the closet door so guests do not see” type.  Lame, I know.  My military roommates are so OCD and neat (in a good, normal way) that I am embarrassed to show them the messiness that is my room. HOWEVER, I have a good excuse to my messiness.  When I moved into this apartment in August I barely brought anything with me.  Moving is such a beyotch, so I took the bare minimum with me (clothes….shoes….clothes) and sent EVERYTHING else home to my mom’s house.  No TV, no dresser, no organization.  Instead I have been living out of boxes and bins which my mother just could not comprehend.  She insisted that she come up this weekend and bring me the necessities to actually create a bedroom again.  And whaddya know, mothers know best.  I’m obsessed with my cozy little room.

A 2Hr little makeover and voila – I have a functional bedroom.  What I failed to take pics of are my dresser and massive TV that I missed oh so much, as well as a full WALL of fall/winter boots. The inside of my closet is also organized.

One thing I did take a pic of is my new caboodle.  Makeup organization.

Gosh, this made me so happy.  All these beauties rounded up in one amazing box.

OH YEAH, one last thing….

My bedside table is now a one-stop shop for tea, coffee, chocolate and gluten free pretzels.  Hello, these are a few of my favorite things.  If I had bananas on that table I might never have to leave my bed.

And so, the moral of the story today kids, is it is a new year and a new start.  Try to better yourself not only in terms of health and fitness but maybe personal tendencies you know you need to work on.  Operation Get Ava Organized is in full swing. What will you work on?