Hello there, and happy #FashionFriday!  With the weather finally entering frigid territory, its officially time to bust out the blanket scarves.  You’ve seen them everywhere, maybe bought them as a Christmas present for someone else, and hopefully picked one up for yourself along the way.  They’re huge in size and equal parts comfy looking as they are intimidating.  I asked Tommy for a few of these and when I opened them he said “Those things look like blankets!” Yes, Tommy…Yes.

These are so comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, NECESSARY for Winter.  In case you don’t know how to make a giant square of fabric a cozy scarf, look no further!

I mean, keep reading.

First, open up your amazing square of fabric so that you are able to find the corners.

Then make a triangle with the fabric by siding opposite corners together.  The same as you would with a bandana, only 40x the size.

Once the edges of the triangle line up, grab both ends and and start to work the fabric into your typical scarf shape.

You may have the urge to hop-scotch it like I did, however do not because this is a very dangerous and bad idea.

Make your way towards the center of the triangle on both sides and be prepared to wrap the fabric around you from back to front, as you would with a normal scarf!

If you have a mirror available (I did not), adjust accordingly so it has the shape that you’re looking for!

Easy peasy! Shop this scarf (ON SALE!) below!

Have a great weekend!