Street Cas, as in cas-ual. If you saw my Instagram post, then you already know that this post highlights some of the pieces that I have been LIVING in.  Errands, exploring museums, dinner with friends.  This outfit does it all for me.

Beanie: Check (H&M)

Ray Bans: Check

*Also notice the cool zipper detail on this shirt!

Kool Kicks: Check (Puma)

Cute Plaid Shirt: Check (Forever 21)

Throw together with some stretchy, comfy skinny jeans (necessary clothing) and you are good to go!

If you’re on the same coast as me, then you know that the temp is dropping QUICKLY.  The fashionable and functional way to add to this outfit is to throw on your favorite massive puffer jacket and an infinity scarf.  This’ll keep ya warm and also looking celeb-cool.  I’ll take some pics in my new puffer soon :)

Have a great weekend and stay waaaarm!



Photo cc: Raven Adams Photography