Ready for an understatement?

“Gosh, it’s cold!”

Naaaah.  Actually it’s numb-limbs, brain-freeze type cold in NYC this week.  I’m trying hard not to complain, I really am.  We had perfect weather in the summer and even more perfect weather in the fall, so really we should be grateful.  But grateful is pushing it for New Yorkers.  We’re just about ready to lapse into hermit mode, where fuzzy socks and bottles of wine and Seamless on speed-dial become the norm.  However, we don’t pay top dollar to live in this city to be a recluse 24/7.  If you’re ready to bundle up in some warm outerwear, the city is still a playground..albeit a freezing one.

My outerwear always involves this awesome jacket I got at Zara last year.  From there I have a seeerriously large collection of hats and scarves to rotate.

Love this plaid and black scarf – you can’t tell in the photo but the scarf is actually ombre and it is sick.

The days are still bright, so my Marc Jacobs shades are oh-so-necessary.

Underneath the jacket lies a comfy and chunky cream colored sweater.  Perfect to layer with.

Shop Prima Donna booties! Love the color on these.

Columbus Circle was so stunning and Raven and I spent the afternoon floating about Time Warner Center and having some mint hot chocolate.  I’ve gotta remind myself to still get out and about even when the temperature drops this low!

Enjoy your weekend!



Photos Raven Adams