Hey all! Happy Friday! I have been sick this week with a damn sinus infection/virus of some sort, but I’m on antibiotics and hopeful for a recovery before the weekend is up! The deadline for opportunity to do anything Halloween-like is coming up quickly, so I’m hoping to get involved in some kind of haunted house/hay ride situation this weekend!  There’s some pretty legit haunted houses in and around NYC from what I hear, so we’ll see.

This season, I’m totally loving the classic plaid/ripped jean/bootie combo.  The burbs meets city girl.  So comfortable and cute.  I loved leaving this shirt unbuttoned a few and tying it just to switch things up a little bit.

These Steve Madden booties are from last year, and I just love them for this time of year.  

You can always layer on a jacket and a scarf if the day is looking to be a bit chilly!  I just feel like this look is something every girl can wear.  There’s no edge, no drama..it’s just a simple shirt and jeans!


Have a great weekend!