Happy Monday! As per usual, the Winter weather has been fluctuating like crazy.  This entire week is looking to be on the freezing side, but on Saturday we had a 50 degree day! I used the opportunity to ditch the Winter coat and just dress casually and comfortable.  Since the blanket scarf didn’t need to be wrapped around my neck, I just draped it poncho-style for an extra layer and a cool touch of print.

If there was an outfit I could live in all year long, it would be one like this.  Super comfortable and a little edgy, I feel like this encompasses my style more than anything.  It’s the kind of look that can take you from anything as simple as a coffee run to brunch to early dinner, what-have-you.

P.S., as you can tell, I’m really loving this backdrop :) It makes me feel like I’m not even in NYC ;)

And for the sake of a goofy blooper pic….


Anyway, I wish every day in Winter was just like Saturday! Layering is so fun, but once you get past three it starts to feel like a CHORE.  Here’s to bundling up all week long!