*Throwback post! One year later, I am still loving this outfit! Enjoy!*

Hey all! Happy Friday.  I apologize for slacking on the blog-front this week..It has been a crazy busy one and I have barely been home, meaning I’ve barely been at my computer!  Deciding to go out for drinks with a friend after work last night as opposed to coming home to clean and do work didn’t help much either.   ;-) Anywho, I’ve only got a quick minute to write this post before heading into work and I wanted to be sure I shared this look with you for Fashion Friday.

Now I realize it is 4 degrees out today with a serious wind chill, so you maaaay want to save this look for a balmy Above-40 day.  Haha.  Honestly this chunky sweater from H&M is so heavy and so warm, that on this day I barely realized that some of my skin was bare.  Of course, you can always add tights to keep even warmer.

These cashmere socks from Inhabit are so luxurious that I even find myself wearing them at home over leggings for some super cozy action.

A plaid scarf that is reminiscent of Fall foliage is the perfect clash of color against the white sweater and blue socks.

Polish off with a gold watch (Caravelle) and a pair of Ray Bans and you’re good to go! There may be a day where you can get away with a look like this without a jacket! Grab some long elbow-lenghth gloves and you’ll be good to go.

Hope you guys like this look and are staying WARM today.  I can’t wait to get out of work and have a glass of Rose while I snuggle up to the boyfriend wearing these socks :)