One of the most exciting facts about fashion today is that sweatpants are now acceptable daytime attire.  Seriously.  We’ve seen pajama-esque suits on the runway, drop-crotch harem pants, and now the good old gray sweat pant has been put to great use, and it doesn’t involve vegging out on the couch.

I will admit, these are a little “dressier” than your standard sweat.  The $50 drawstring from Zara are so darn comfortable though, and when paired with a kickass pair of Nike sneaker wedges, a thrift Adidas tee and an All Saints leather jacket, I’m all set to go for a day of NYC errands.

Aaaand this leather though……Oh Em Gee.

This All Saints jacket was a Christmas present from my mom.  It cost almost a month’s rent and when I wear it out I treat it like my child..NEVER letting it out of my sight.  Buttery soft with rough detailing – what could be better?

Oh and this view? Pssssh.  NYC is such a showoff.

Later gators