Beanie – Check.

Gauzy White Tee – Check

Leather Jacket – Check

Ripped Jeans – Check

Infinity Scarf – Check

Sneaker Wedges – Check

Welcome to my everyday steez.

You guys know I’m the beanie queen, right?! ;)  I have about 10 of them and I just can’t imagine my Winter without them.  This baby blue is from Urban Outfitters.

I feel like while I have 1,000 outfit combinations sitting in my closet, I always end up grabbing this “simple” look and heading out the door.  Dressed in a flash.  No jewelry, no uncomfortable shoes.  Your girl can be ON THE GO in sneaker wedges.

This chunky infinity scarf was a bday present and is from H&M.  The leather jacket, as you know, is my only real one (thanks mom!) and is from All Saints.  This thing weighs like 15 pounds and is almost as warm as my puffer coat.

Black, White and Gray with pops of color on my head and on my feet..Just feels right.

Peep this clown.

I love me some neutrals, but why not have FUN with some color? I usually hate the color pink – not into looking girly.  However pink in the form of dope sneaker wedges? Yeeeah, sign me up.

Where’s the hearts-for-eyes emoji? DANG.

Thanks for stopping by, and shop the look below!