Oh yeah, you read that right.  How crazy is that?

We’ve all visited a hospital in our lifetime and most of us don’t hit up the gift shop unless we forgot to grab flowers on the way or didn’t have enough time to get that cuddly teddy bear for a newborn.  But really, how horrible are they?  Over priced and pretty much sterile, it’s not the place I would actually go to shop.  Until now that is.

Yesterday, Chloe and I had to go to Milford Hospital for some x-rays, on the way out we obviously pass the gift shop.  A small sale cart just outside catches our eye with a starfish beach bag on it.  What?  $10?  hmmm.  We look up and peer into the doorway where we’re greeted my a plethora of oh so comfy looking scarves.  Grinning at each other, we know we’re going in.

It was glorious.  My best analogy would be those beachy little boutiques that sell jewelry, handbags, clothing, a little bit of everything that makes you want to buy it all at ridiculously reasonable prices.  It’s not the best looking store, but there was something inviting about it.  Most things not over $20 unless it’s a jacket or larger pocket book.

I asked the woman behind the counter if people come off the street just to shop here.  She happily said “oh yes, they do.  We’re actually having a tea and fashion show next month at the Milford Yacht Club.”  What?  Really, this seems so funny.  A little hidden gem.  She informs us that the owner shops around for closeouts to stock the store.  She also said, “please, tell everyone about us.”  It’s obvious that she loves her job.

Our resident “babe on a budget” would be proud of me.  Chloe and I each got a bracelet for a dollar, mine will match my new Sam Edelman’s perfectly :)  I bought a scarf & a hat.  Chloe bought a scarf, fingerless gloves and a ring.  We were out the door for $89.00.  Did mention there’s no tax?!?  Ha, because it’s in the hospital, they’re non profit.  Really, this just gets better and better.

If you’re in the Milford area shopping downtown, be sure to go just down the street to the other end of the green and visit this wonderful little store.  You won’t regret it!