There’s nothing better than finding the right skincare products.  I’m so happy to share with you my newest fab find.  Nude Skincare Products.

In the fall, I visited my local med spa for some winter skincare products.  Although I was recommended and purchased a line of products, including a daily moisturizer that was supposed to be for dry  & even post procedure skin, my skin was never quenched.   Going into the summer months, my skin usually gets so oily, it’s rather disgusting.  So, it would be great if I could curtail that.  Nearing the end of my med spa skincare line, I find myself in the market for something new.

During a resent visit to Sephora, a sales woman caught me checking out a handful of skincare products and of course asked if she could help.  I explain my dilemma, discontent and what I’m looking.  She immediately brought me over and pulled the Nude line of products off the shelf.

After I listened for  few minutes, I was quite intrigued.  She explained that even though my skin becomes oily, it’s still a sign of being dehydrated…..hmmmm.  Could this be?  Well at this point, it makes sense.  Their cleanser is an oil based.  It is applied dry to the skin, add warm water and it becomes a light milky cleanser.  As she goes through the line of products, I’m about to take the plunge.  Then, we agree that I should purchase the travel size kit to give it a shot.  At $50.00 for the daily cleanser, ProGenius (an oil treatment) and the daily moisturizer, I’ll try it.

Well, here we are 2 and a half weeks later.  First, let me tell you that I looooove these products and would recommend them for any skin type.  Second, I decided that before I run out of the travel sizes, I want to keep them for well, travel.  Ironically, on the same day I ordered the full sizes and then some, I was trying to have a conversation with Mark before bed.  I see him looking at me, but scanning my face, up and down.  What the heck is wrong with him????  He asks if I had something done to my face.  In my house that means did you get a chemical peel?  Yes, I do get them regularly to try to reverse the sun damage I’ve created.  And, no, I haven’t had one in 2 months.  I grin and tell him it must be the new skincare products.  Well, if that’s not a testimonial I don’t know what is.

Of course I did my online research when I originally came  home, so let me breakdown for you what I’ve read and what I know on each product.

Perfect Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes $36.00  It’s filled with omegas 3 & 6.  Online complaint: it doesn’t turn into a milky cleanser as stated.  WRONG.  I think people are looking for a full on milky experience.  That’s not the case.  It turns into a coconut milk type of consistency that works fabulously.  I have a difficult time removing my mascara and this takes it off with no problem.  Dual purpose, how can you beat that?

ProGenius Treatment Oil $78.00 also filled with omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 it is instantly absorbed into the skin.  I’ve noticed that my pores are less noticeable and they don’t even claim to do that.  Online complaint: it pulls at the skin when you apply it.  Okay, if you know how to apply it, that doesn’t happen.  You are supposed to warm a few drops of the oil on your fingertips and pat the oil onto your face.  Works like a charm, no pulling.

Radiant Daily Moisturizer Omega 6 $52.00 a daily anti-aging moisturizer that includes collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.  I feels silky going on and two pumps make it all the way to the décolletage.  No online complaints.  I will say that with my previous regimen I had a separate antioxidant that I mixed with my moisturizer and another night moisturizer that includes the acid, retinol & collagen.  This product is another bonus for me.  Once caveat is that it doesn’t have an SPF in it and we all know we shouldn’t leave the house without that.  On the bright side, the products really make your skin radiant.  So you’re probably throwing on a BB cream or some type of foundation before you leave the house, just make sure that has an SPF.  

In addition to these products, I purchased their Miracle Mask $48.00, which I have yet to use and their Cellular Renewal Moisturizer $92.00, which I used last night as a heavier night cream.  It says you can use it in the morning, but I think this one is best left to the night.   My skin feels great.

I did read online that they have discontinued their eye cream and it seems everyone loved it and is begging for it back, so we’ll see.  For now I still have some eye cream from the med spa that is also an oil based. Results Rx, Eye Doctor will run you $100

I hope this is helpful.  I know it may seem  a bit pricy, but it will last at least 6 months and any product line of this caliber is going to run you the same.   I used at 15% off coupon at Sephora online to help lessen the sting.  Try the travel size first, see if it works for you.  I bet it will!

*I was not compensated for this post.  This post reflects my usage and opinions of the products.