Hey Chickadee’s! Happy Tuesday.  Today’s Fab Find is for that beautiful mane of yours.  As mentioned in last week’s Fab Find , we are big fans of NuMe products over here.  Up until about a week ago, I was the only one of us that didn’t own a NuMe product.  Chloe was gracious enough to give me a flat iron! (awww) Before that, I’d been using a $40 straightener I got at Best Buy (still can’t figure out why Best Buy sells straighteners), and trust me, that has been working just fine on creating my beach waves – but last week while I was home I used Chloe’s NuMe Pearl Wand, and when I came back into the city for work I got TONS of compliments on my hair!  That may be partially due to the fact that these days my hair is in a high bun 90% of the time [L A Z Y], but we’ll move around that..

NuMe Pearl for last week’s Fashion Friday waves….

 Chloe is a HUGE advocate for the Pearl and mentions it in a ton of Instagram photos..

The NuMe Pearl is different from other curling irons because of its shape and design.

You simply wrap a small piece of your hair around the length of the curling iron, hold for a few seconds, and let go! The shape of the wand creates the waves for you.  Side note: Chloe felt the need to make reference to a certain dominatrix toy (50 Shades of Grey, anyone?)

My only problem with the Pearl is the length of the wand, as I am now a burn victim.  Chloe’s come out unscathed though, so I guess this was just a rookie mistake.

The NuMe Pearl will run you about $160, but if you’re one of those people that likes to have their hair done in 10 minutes (ME!), then this puppy is worth the splurge.



I was not compensated for this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.