Well hello there!  If you’re on the east coast like us, you’re probably stuck indoors due to storm Juno, which gives you ample time to plot out your Valentine’s Day outfit.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about RTR before.  Their services a are win-win for any gal!

I’m going to venture to guess that you’ve has probably heard about them in some capacity by now as they’ve been featured on many television programs and have delved into the advertising game.  They’ve even added a few storefronts in major cities throughout the country.

We’ve actually been using their service for 4 years!  Just in case you’re unfamiliar with their services, they’re an online dress rental company.  You can rent for everything from an afternoon garden party to a formal gala outfit.  The pricing can’t be beat.  Now you can even rent accessories!

Never ever ever ever will I purchase a $1400 dress, but rent one for $200, absolutely!  This Yigal Azrouël dress fit like a dream.  I ordered a size 2 and a 4 for backup.  The 2 fit like it was meant for me.  I did wear 5″ Jimmy Choo’s as I suspected my height my be a challenge.  With shoes on, the length couldn’t have been any better.  I love this designer.  Luxurious fabrics, heavyweight, but not too heavy, you definitely feel glamourous in his designs.  The high waistline and clean skirt design also gave the illusion that I was much taller than I am.  Score!  The photo below in periwinkle is his dress as well.

Like most women, once you’ve been to a major event and have been photographed, chances are that dress is making it to the back of your closet. Or, it’s patiently waiting for you to be invited to another function with a completely different group of friends, but let’s be honest, what are the odds of that?  Also nowadays with social media, the horror of a repeat dress!  Us girls want to shine!  RTR is there to rescue us!

Here’s how it works:

You search their site to find the perfect dress.  They’ve got search options such as by size, designer and event type.  With handy tools like style tips, size & fit and product details you’ll find the perfect fit.  Lucky for us, you order the size you expect to fit based upon the information and you can order a second size at no additional cost.  As if that’s not good enough, for an additional (I think) $32, you can rent an entirely different BACKUP dress in the size of your choice.  How freakin’ awesome is that?!?

Your dress arrives the day before your event with a prepaid UPS shipping package for your return within 2 days after your event.  Should you not have the right size for any reason, just contact them and they’ll get you something new before your event.  Rentals run between 4 and 8 days.

Our most recent rental for was Connecticut Wedding Vendor Gala last week.  Usually it’s for the girls and I, this time, I had to rent solo, but I had some handsome arm candy :)

As I said, we’ve been using RTR for years.  Here’s a few of our pics.  I hope you find this service helpful.  We sure do!  I mean come on, what are the chances that without RTR Chloe would be donning Herve Leger?  Oh I can tell you, none :)