Dear Fall Fashion,

I am loving you way, way too much! Don’t go away!

This has just been the best few months in terms of styling.  Layers without having to wear puffer coats that we disappear in.  Leisurely strolls to enjoy the NYC foliage.  It is such a luxury to walk around outside and actually feel comfortable.  At the risk of looking borderline Christmas-y, I loved wearing this outfit with its contrasts in color, prints and structure.

The scarf actually started this outfit for me, I think.  I love the enlarged plaid print, and I decided to style my outfit based on the shades of the scarf.

Green cargo pants with ribbed knees, red & white striped hi-low shirt, tan tote, tan shoes & black leather jacket make this outfit less monotone but still staying within the same color family.

It took me a while to learn that your accessories don’t necessarily need to match; just stay within the same color scheme.  For instance, my bag and shoes are not exact matching shades, but they are still neutrals, so it works! Just have fun with fashion, and don’t worry about looking too put together! P.S, I am totally NOT a tote girl, but I have been on the hunt for a bag to house all of my belongings throughout the long days for a while now, and I just fell in love with this Urban Expressions bag! I feel all grown up ;)

I felt ready for any occasion in this outfit, and can’t wait to wear something similar again soon!