OK, DON’T KILL ME!  It pains me to write this just as much as it pains you to read it.  Well, maybe.  I love Fall fashion, and I am freakin’ pumped about what’s to come.  I have been Fall shopping up a storm, and it’s been pretty dang fun because while everyone is going crazy over the Summer sale section, I have been able to peacefully buy my dark colors and oversized knits.  Anyway, the great thing about Fall fashion this year is that there is nothing too new happening.  Chances are, you already have most of these pieces in your wardrobe and it just needs some adding to.  I want you to ENJOY YOUR LAST WEEKEND OF SUMMER, but girl, a lot of of online retailers have major Labor Day sales (even on new stuff!), and its worth being in the loop and keeping your eyes peeled.  Let’s get to it.  (Shop every trend at the bottom of this post)

1. Plaid.  Suuurrrprise, surprise.  I am obsessed with plaid.  No, really.  If I could pull off the lazy farmer-girl look every day of my life, I would.  Look for it in any form..shorts, shirts, skirts..Hunny, you’re going straight-up school-girl this year, a-la Clueless.

2. Dark Florals.  Just because Spring and Summer is fading doesn’t mean that we have to give up the Floral print.  Think sexy, romantic prints for Fall worn in the form of dresses with tights (or without tights through September!) and booties..

3.  Which brings me to…booties.  Again, I cannot have enough booties.  The big trend this year is in the form of chunky, platform ones.  Get them in neutral colors like black, gray or tan so that you can wear them with everything.

4.  A Fall parka.  Last year it was all about the Army Green.  Now that look has expanded into other beautiful colors like navy blue, burgundy and other autumn-perfect colors.  Perfect to wear on days where it’s too light for your winter jacket.

(pic via FabSugar.com)

5.  Pleated Skirts.   Heeeyyyo.  Who remembers this Babe on a Budget video from last year? The Skater skirt is here to stay! Wear it under the above-mentioned parka with the above-mentioned booties, and you will look oh-so-adorable.

6.  Sneakers.  Yep.  All about comfort this Fall.  You know I love me some sneaker wedges, and I just ordered a BRIGHT PINK PAIR.  Yep, you heard.  I’m definitely not a fan of pink, but when worn with an all-black outfit in a bad-ass style, I’m down.  As much as we love neutrals in the Fall, I’m happy to report that pops of bright color are also here to stay.  Add a touch of neon to your outfit, whether it’s in the sunglasses, the shoes, or a necklace.  You can also never go wrong with a classic pair of Chucks!

With these 6 key pieces, some accessories, and a LOT of basics, I think you should be alright for Fall.  As always, tailor the trends to your personal style.  Make sure you’ve got yourself some good denim and some good sweaters as well! My sweater collection needs no adding, and I just went to TOWN on denim, so I could not be more thrilled about it! ;)

Again, enjoy your LDW but after this, it’s all about FALL, mama!