Hey guys! Who’s ready to channel Cher, a la Clueless?

Thigh high’s are BACK this fall, and in a big way.  The easiest, and sexiest way (while still being coy and flirty) to rock the look is to do a take on the “school girl”.  A cozy sweater, a cozy beanie, and just a hiiiiiint of thigh showing will be enough for the guys to double take and the girls to appreciate your sassy style ;)

This long-sleeved, shoulder padded dress I bought about 5 years ago at H&M for $10, and I’ve used it for everything.  Hostess jobs with full tights on underneath, under blazers for a night out, and now this! It’s definitely nice to have some of those versatile basics in your wardrobe.

So “school kid”.  The only thing to make this better is some prescription thick-framed black glasses!

Hat: Urban Outfitters Dress:H&M Sweater: H&M Shoes: Payless

So budget ;)

Photography: Chloe Improta