Hey people!  I would say Hey ladies, however we have been getting just as much feedback from the men as the ladies.  For what reason I do not know – but I’m going to turn away from the idea that they are all here to catch sight of my mom in a sports bra (cough, cough B.Sheil).  If you ARE  a guy, ya better pump the breaks now..this outfit is meant to be a chick pleaser.

It’s been a while since we have had a FF Babe on a Budget, so here she is: Thrift Version.  I recently went thrift shopping and have been waiting to photograph this beyotch of an outfit.  So for you..Risky business meets badass.


Pleather pants: $10

Shirt: Helmut Lang $38.00

Tank top: $4.95 H&M

Boots: Clarkshoes 

Damn, you can really tell how short I am in these, huh?

And afterwards, I was caught in the “blogging” act :)

Hope you enjoyed, contact me for where to thrift in NYC.