Hello loverbirds! If you’re on the East Coast with us, I hope you’re looking forward to a beautiful Friday and weekend! This warm weather is long over-due, however I will gladly take it.  I don’t know about where you live, but in NYC even a 70 degree day can feel HOT.   A good hot, not that sticky-gross-humid-hot that we will experience in the summer.  This weather is so good that I’ve already laid in the park in a bathing suit! That’s what I’m talking about.  I always leave the house with layers on, but after walking in the sun I have to start shedding them – which brings me to this perfect, casual outfit for Spring.

Maybe someone should be smiling here…? I don’t know ;)

Anyway..the aviators, the beachy baseball cap, the cropped and cuffed denim, the maxi skirt…It’s all good stuff we’ve got going on here.  Perfect for an outdoor lunch chatting up with your girlfriends, or simply walking around enjoying the city.  And when you start sweating at said outdoor lunch, it’s time to give your back a breather..

I know that I plan on picking up about 5 more of these maxi dresses.  So easy and so sexy.  The maxi skirt was my must-have for fall, and the maxi-dress is my must-have for Spring and summer.  You can find them at Forever 21, TopShop, or H&M.

Sandals: TopShop

Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Hat: Target

Glasses: Ray Ban

Jacket: Vintage (it was my grandma’s!! I’m obsessed)

Photography: Chloe Improta