Hello Fashion People!  I’m taking a swing at it again as our resident girl friday is off frolicking on the West Coast.  Life is good!

You may remember last month when I attended the Gap Styl’d by Kendi event in Manhattan, where among other things, there was a Bare Minerals Beauty Bar.  That night my beauty stylist was  Scheilys.  She was great.  Remember the red lips?  At the end of my session, she invited us to an upcoming Bare Minerals event which showcased their collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler and InStyle Magazine.  We were in.










I was able to rearrange my schedule to make a night out of staying in the city the previous day with Mark.  Turns out, he’s a great mansistant :)

By the time we met up with Ava, she was under the brush with a great smokey eye underway.  Although the event was touted as a “make under”, her motto that night was “heck if I’m getting my makeup done, let’s go all out!” and her stylist was more than happy to oblige.

I, on the other hand went for the more natural look.  Honestly, you know when you have those days where you’re not feeling so pretty?  This would be one of them.  The “luxury” hotel we stayed in had no hair dryer.  Go figure, the first time I don’t bring one and I have crazy self dried frizzy winter hair!!!! Ugh!  And, it’s cold!  When it’s cold you have to make the decision of dressing for style or dressing for cold.  I opted to dress for the cold.  Ironically, I was wearing the clothing I had purchased at the Gap event, to which Ava informed me that I look like I’m from Connecticut.  Hello, last time I checked I was ;)

Back to my makeup artist.  Going for the minimalist look actually worked to our advantage.  She was able to spend more time on the foundation and prep of my makeup and I learned a lot.  How and where my bronzer should be applied, the benefit of any eye brightener and how to use it as well as the correct placement of my blush.

Myself and the girls have been die hard Bare Minerals users for at least 8 years.  I remember the first kit I purchased for Chloe’.  I didn’t realize she had applied the makeup when I commented on how beautiful her skin looked.  I swore it was natural.  That was it, beginner kits for everyone, including my mother.

Fast forward to my recent concern of powders settling in my newly acquired fine lines.  Hence this fall, I switched to a light liquid mineral based foundation by another company.  I still use my warmth, but this seems to be doing the trick.

I’m sorry Bare Minerals, I wrote you off.  But not anymore!!!!

Thanks to my informative stylist who dispelled my fears and introduced me to their great new products, I’m coming back!  My stylist applied their new READY foundation, a full to medium coverage, solid mineral foundation with SPF 20, I love it!  She left me with a detailed list of the products she used.   I will definitely purchase these items as soon as I am ready to switch to my summer makeup.  In the interim, I purchased their Stoke of Light eye brightener, good for anytime of the year.

Excited with my new flawless look, we head over to Ava.  Wow!  She looks AMAZING!


Makeover/under’s complete, we now were able to meet their featured guest, InStyle’s Style Ambassador, Tai Beauchamp.  She’s beautiful, welcoming, engaging, stylish and did I say tall?  It didn’t help that I was wearing flats and she heels, but hell I love a woman that owns who she is.  Tai commanded the room with grace.  She conversed with us as if we were old friends and took a genuine interest in what we do.  It was a pleasure to meet her.

And then there was the silly stuff.  A super cute setup in the corner of the room where you donned a bit of costume and shook what your mama gave you for 15 seconds.  By the time you were at the checkout counter, there was a flip book awaiting you of your dance.  Sooooo cute!

Thanks Scheilys for the invite.  Thanks InStyle for their current issue and lastly, thanks to Bare Minerals for the great new products and a very successful event.  We look forward to growing with you in the future.

*I was not compensated for this post.  These are my opinions based upon my experience.