Heeeeeyo.  Happy Friday! So I LOVE this outfit, but wasn’t too crazy about the way the pics came out from this rushed little photo shoot.  Therefore, I went a little ape on editing and effects..wooooops.  One of those things where you over compensate to make up for what you find lacking.


Let’s talk budget.  Recognize this bottom half from Risky Business?

The shirt here is from Necessary Clothing..The print is awesome but I also fell in love with the cut.  The length as well as the peek-a-boo back are just hot.  I love it with these pleather pants and leather booties, but I also imagined it being a great cover-up come summertime.  Look at that, always thinkin’ ahead ;) (or towards a vacation…maybe??!)

The jacket is so slinky and so soft..I just ADORE it.  The cuts and tapering make it so current.  And look how perfectly the shirt peeks out underneath!

I just think Black on Black is so chic, don’t you?  When wearing the combo, be sure to break it up with some color somewhere..ya know, to keep it interesting and less morbid.