Hey all! I don’t know about you, but I am SO happy to see some sunshine here in NYC.  I thought I was going to slip into serious weather-depression mode.
OK, so I know you must be thinking “OMG if this girl wears one more sweater..”.  And I can’t say I blame you.
However, I still don’t think you can ever have too many sweaters in your wardrobe.  You can wear them year after year, they’re versatile, comfy, and can still look sexy even though everything is covered up.  I am Sweater Queen, hear me roar.
This particular outfit I wore recently to a fundraiser held at a bar.  I’ve also paired it with flat boots and gone to the movies.  Not cocktail attire, not sweatpants, but somewhere in between.  It works especially well for those that like to dress a little more tamed.  The classic dark skinny jean, a chunky sweater, interesting scarf and booties will keep you looking fashionable but not at all like you tried too hard.  Play around with colors if you’d like, but ya know me, I tend to keep it neutral.
Do you have a favorite sweater you wear all the time, or are you somewhat of a sweater hoarder like myself? ;)
Enjoy your weekend!
Photography by Ryan Shell