Hey Guys. Friday is here already – Can I get a Yaaaaahoo? For those that missed my last post on Fashables.com , today will be a little outfit recap.  This outfit started with a sweater and then worked its way around.  Burnt orange denim contrasts surprisingly well with the stripes and pattern of the sweater, making this outfit juuuuust trendy and comfy enough to take you from running errands to meeting with a gal pal for some hot chocolate.  I am a sweater queen and own about 50 of them, but somehow THIS sweater holds the spotlight.  On those days where it’s cold but not freezing (uh, not so much anymore) it can also be doubled as your outerwear to reveal a cool chief graphic tee underneath as shown.

I think sweaters are comfy, versatile and sexy.  Do you own a favorite cozy sweater?



Photography by Ryan Shell