Hello you!  How are we doing?  It is the Friday of FASHION WEEK here in NYC.  Big stuff, my friends, big stuff.  Don’t know how that will quite work out with the impending snow storm, but we shall see.

So this past week I took a trip down to Soho with a MISSION in mind: Buy a leather jacket.  Not just any leather jacket, but an All Saints jacket.  This babe on a budget was ready to splurge.  So dope, so buttery, so necessary.  I figured – I work my ass off and I deserve it.  Turns out, I tried on 3 different styles and was not in love with any of them.  For $700 a jacket I should wanna sleep in it, my mom aptly said.  I left the store disappointed, as I really did want to reward myself with one of those puppies.  But the bright side was, now I could go shopping for other things in Soho! Just browsed around and picked up only a few things at Top Shop, Brandy & Melville, Urban Outfitters and Necessary Clothing.


My favorite purchase aside from the shoes (which I cannot waaaaait to wear) was the jacket I found at Top Shop.  This cropped leather was the right amount of badass and comfort I was looking for and for, um, 1/7 the price.  THIS is the one item I’m encouraging you to buy for the Spring season.  It’s definitely not my first cropped leather but is certainly my newest favorite.  It’s really so versatile: you can be a complete rocker or just wear it over a girly dress to shake things up a bit.  I can’t wait until I have another shoot and can show you all the ways to wear this piece.  Here’s our very budget balcony photo shoot in the meantime…..

Cool casual with a Knit tank & Slouchy Beenie

Night on the town in a Leopard Print Skirt & Graphic Tee

What I love most about this particular jacket is the stud detail.  I’m not one for FLASH, but the studs are muted yet still add some flair to the jacket.  When shopping for yours, go as ballsy or as safe as you want – trust me as long as its leather (or pleather) you will look awesome.  Be sure the shoulders are fitted but you’re still able to stretch your arms in front of you without feeling uncomfortable.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Buy a cropped leather for Spring.  Now! :)