Ohhhh hey.  Fashion Friday is back.  We were on hiatus for a few weeks to post Fashion Friday videos (see those here!!!), annndd also the holidays and negative temperatures may have had something to do with it.  But when a 54 degree day came upon us, we knew we had to seize the opportunity to get some shots.  FYI we didn’t factor in the wind chill and I was frozen, but all is well.

Anyway, even though I am not a chick with the 9-5 gig, I still think it’s important to have those Day-To-Night looks stashed and ready in your closet.  A sweater can easily go from the desk to happy hour (or in my case, errands to happy hour).  Pleather pants just mean you’re down to party no matter what time is, whether it’s while you sip your 9am frap or the 6pm Sauvignon Blanc.  The heels can easily be stashed in your bag and later take place of your lace up winter boots.  It’s the simple things – not wearing regular blue jeans and bringing a pair of heels – that will really have you feel ready to hit the happy hour.   Nothing’s worse than when you’re getting out of work and a bunch of friends want to meet up but you feel frumpy as HELL because you didn’t bring a change of shoes or red lipstick to swipe on.

This sweater is not only cozy as hell, but it’s so slinky that it even feels sexy on.

Heels are Steven Madden, on sale for $34! Heeeey now.

And this back.  Ohhh, this back.  This is what really sold me on the sweater.  Showing just enough skin for the winter time.

Sweater: Necessary Clothing Pants: Forever2 21 Shoes: Steve Madden Jacket: All Saints

Have an amazing weekend!!!