Ohhhhh Easter Weekend.  It’s finally here! Although, there are some issues: It’s earlier than usual, rain is in the forecast, and it’s not the usual Easter 70 degrees.  How the flip am I supposed to search for my basket in the RAIN?! :-P Usually, my visits to CT for Easter entail a huge ham dinner at my mom’s followed by lounging and chocolate eating on the deck, and later another dinner at either my dad’s house or a cozy seafood shack on the beach.  It’s truly one of my favorite holidays.

Even if the forecast is all doom and gloom, that doesn’t mean we can’t look like Easter, right?  This beautiful pink blouse is a purchase from my recent trip to the amazing vintage/thrift shop, Wasteland, in LA.  Its sheer, breezy, bright and perfect for those days when we want comfort and style come together.  The button and pocket detail throughout are really what made it stand out to me!

As for the shorts, you may not be busting them out this weekend, but you should definitely have a pair or two on deck.  Mother nature has been wigging out lately, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re all sweating and in shorts within a week or two’s time.  I have been on the HUNT for the perfect high-waisted, acid-wash pair.  If you’ve got any sort of hips, it’s a difficult task indeed.  I was finding the most adorable shorts, but in order to get to the waist, ya gotta get over the humps first! Finally, the perfect pair.

Happy Easter weekend! What are you wearing?


Photography by Chloe Improta