Wahooooooooo! Fashion Friday is back.  Remember in the warmer months when Fashion Friday was a sure-bet thing to look forward to? Turns out-since I am not a model, it is not fun for me to get stripped down in the freezing cold and try to look pretty for the camera.  Dang, power to those supermodels standing in the snow mountains with a bikini on.  I tell you, it is definitely not easy.

Side note today: Ever thought about giving yourself some fashion and style resolutions?  Maybe you play it too safe with your wardrobe and want to get a little gutsier, or maybe you want to recreate the runway looks you love so much for less money.  For me, my style resolution is to actually WEAR all the outfits I buy.  I am so guilty of shop, shop, shopping and then letting a whole season go by where I didn’t wear those great sparkly pants I bought for a night on the town.  What’s your style resolution?

Anyway, this outfit is sooooo sexy I can’t even handle it.  Sexy on anyone.  I can just see it on you now.  This one is similar to the Maxi outfit, not for the obvious reason (that this is a maxi too, duh) but similar in the sense that skin is showing in all the right places.  Turtleneck, bare arms, one slit up the side.  I love it.  Do like I didn’t and wear some huge chunky rings, some skinny bangles or even a statement necklace.

For the sake of a memorable night out, sometimes we have to freeze for fashion.  Throw on a massive fur coat or a heavy leather jacket and an infinity scarf – that should help ;)

I have one major tip for you before throwing this outfit on: EXFOLIATE FIRST.  Lotion up and throw on some shimmery self tanner if you wanna be really fancy.  Go get em, you sex kitten.

Photography by Ryan Shell