Hey guys! Fashion Friday, that’s what’s up! Ah, what to say about this outfit? It was one of those spontaneous “Let me get some pictures in this!” kind of outfits.  You’ve seen the shorts before, you’ve seen the shirt before – however they were worn in completely different ways.  Isn’t it crazy how versatile pieces can be? A look can be dressed up, dressed down, flirty, sexy, or even a little “gangsta” depending on the accessories involved ;)

The Nike Dunk Ski Hi’s here (sneaker wedges) instantly add the “cool” factor to any outfit I wear.  I love them so very much.  Paired with a slouchy beanie, this look creates that effortless swagger that we all secretly (or not so secretly) desire.

Obviously what I love most about this outfit is the tank.  ”Dream it, wish it, do it”.  Pretty much where I’m at in life right now..I hope you feel the same way.

(haha..weirdo mouth)

I don’t know if this outfit will inspire you much, but I’m hoping it will encourage you to take risks with fashion.  It’s not “girly”, it’s “ballsy”..and I’m way into ballsy ;)



Photography: JJ Durrand