Heyyyyalll.  Happy flippin’ Friday.  My transition into Fall Fashion starts with a LGD – Little Green Dress.  It’s the perfect olive green, short-sleeved, comfortable, and a piece that is so easily layered you never have to wear it the same way twice!

Of course, my Larrson & Jennings watch is the perfect complement to this dress.

You know I love me some hats, and this one has got some serious edge.  I always hear people say “I could never pull that off!”, and if you’re one of these people – YES YOU CAN.  Just be confident, and you can rock anything..even a hat that seems as outrageous as this one.

I wore a burgundy slip dress underneath to provide some good contrast to the green, and added some gold layered necklaces to keep the look super casual.

And to show just how versatile, I added this brown pleather vest into the mix.  I’ve had this thing for YEARS, and I absolutely love it! It’s the perfect Fall outfit.  It almost looks like I should have cowgirl boots or be running through the fields or something.  Too bad you’ll never catch me in cowgirl boots! Haha.  And since I can’t run through fields, I’ll just run through the concrete jungle.

Shirtdresses like this are so affordable, versatile and adorable!  I highly recommend you purchase something like this to have as a staple in your fall wardrobe.  When the temp drops even more you can add sweaters, scarves, jackets & tights to this look!

Have a great, great weekend!