Hey all!  It’s Fashion Friday yet again.  Here in NYC, we have some LESS than desirable weather.  It seriously blows.  My morning started with an alarm going off at 5:15 for a kettelbell class.  Heard the pouring rain and thought “Hmm, no.  This is not happening”.  My workout will be done from home today   , thank you very much.  Anyway, this weather can be extremely difficult to dress for.  The city can especially make it tough because we start off dressing for chillier weather, but thanks to the mugginess and having to rely on our feet to get us everywhere, we often find we’re sweating after about 10 minutes.

This makes layering very important.  We need to be able to shed off some duds in a matter of seconds.  You guys know that feeling, right? When you get somewhere warm and toasty after being in the cold and you’re just like GET. THIS. JACKET. OFF. ME. !

This brings us to today’s outfit! So you know that I love me an army inspired jacket, and that’s where the outfit starts.  The cut is modern and the material is great for when your umbrella fails to do it’s job (aka you have to do the umbrella dance with the million other people sharing the sidewalk with you).  {Jacket is from Choies.com for $57.00}  The rain boots are Michael Kors {$120.00} and the gold detail makes them both fashionable and functional. I looove them.  I think it’s important to have a sleek pair of rain boots such as these and also a fun pair in your closet.  Polka dots, sailboats, kitty cats..whatever you’re into…you weirdo.

Rainy Day

My favorite thing to do since the day I started dressing myself is pair together things that don’t exactly match, but just WORK. (Sometimes this actually didn’t work but you have to admire my effort).  Fortunately, trends today agree with me! Since the jacket is an understated green, this is the perfect opportunity to wear a loud print on the pants and a autumn-colored beanie.  You’re dressed for the weather but still able to turn some heads.  The pants are Cheap Monday {$75.00}, but I’m SURE you can find a cheaper version via thrift store or Forever 21.  The beanie {$34.00} is from Urban Outfitters.  If you think  it’s worth it to buy it at Urban, go for it – they are pretty awesome – ,but again, Forever 21 will definitely be there as your back-up.  Lastly, in case you’re in that sweaty predicament mentioned earlier, you can unzip the jacket to reveal a shredded back tank.  A little sex appeal.  And oooooh, back sweat.  Tank is only {$8.75} and can be found at Wet Seal!

Go get em, Tiger.  And good luck in this rain.

Rainy Day by avaimprota featuring coal hats

Coal hat

Vita Fede bracelet

Tech accessory

Nail polish
$9.69 - topshop.com