Hey ladies! Fashion Friday, yet again.  With this Friday’s look I’d like to make one thing loud and clear: a crop top paired with a maxi skirt looks stylish, always.  Not only is it stylish, but a crop/maxi combo is the solution to making your waist look super teeny, which is extremely beneficial if you’re pear shaped or would just like to draw the attention away from your hips (um, hey!)

A funky shirt like this “lipped” one from Necessary Clothing is the best compliment to this super-soft, striped skirt from Brandy & Melville.

Mirrored shades..yup, they’re too cool for school.

For an outfit thrown together in a *pinch*, I really dig it.  This cool outfit can take you from happy hour to a date to a night out on the town with your ladies.  Just make sure you don’t trip on the skirt when you’re dancing! ;)

Photography: John Depultski