Hola ladies! It’s Fashion Friday and I’ve got a good, long post for you.  It’s almost March and we know what that means: Spring Shopping! Maybe you’ve got a spring trip planned (I’m in the midst of trying to plan one myself), or maybe you don’t.  Either way, it’s about that time where the stores are going to only be stocked with Spring clothes in prep for warmer weather, and you’re gonna want to know what to buy! Ever since my college (fashion merchandising major) days, out of habit, I’ve perused the runway shows and kept in tune with what’s happening.  Does this mean I ALWAYS wear what’s seen on the runways? No.  In actuality, I hardly pay the runway looks any mind.  I watch the shows for the entertainment aspect, not with intent to recreate looks.  Especially since I aim to provide looks for you guys that are accessible, affordable and realistic.  In this post I have rounded up a few of my favorite Spring trends, and show them in ways that you can wear them, not how the models wear them.  Let’s get to it.

Trend 1.  The Shorts Suit

OhMaGosh I am obsessed with this one.  I love any look that has that sexy-casual feel to it.  You know, the kind where you roll up the sleeves, put your hand in your pocket, and strut your stuff in stilettos.  Enter: The Shorts Suit.  Perfect for Spring.  Perfect for a date night, an office look, a night out with the girls – anything.  Glamour Magazine calls this suit the perfect combo of “Girl Hot” and “Guy Hot”.


This one is a little more glam than street style, but I couldn’t NOT include it.

Who’s this girl?!  I included this Shorts Suit look in a post waaaaaay back when.  Guess I know my stuff. ;)

Trend 2.  Peekaboo Cutouts

Oh, the Cutout.  I know this isn’t a new-to-you trend, however it has definitely become a must-have trend.  Here’s why I wanted to include it: It’s important to know the fine line between sexy and tacky when choosing cutouts dresses. If there’s peekaboo’s near the midriff, keep the sleeves or the hem long.  If there’s a cut-out in the back, keep the front all covered up.  You want people to be intrigued when they look at you, not “OMG STRIPPER!”.

(p.s. Cobalt Blue is still exciting this Spring!)

Note: These girls are devastatingly sexy.  They are also devastatingly rail-thin.  If you’ve got a really curvy body, keep in mind that cut-outs are automatically going to seem a little more risqué on you, so keep the hem-line long and classy.

Trend 3: Statement Sunglasses

Know those crazy sunglasses you see and want to buy but don’t want to look ridiculous?  Forget those thoughts.  Buy them! It’s all about standing out and having FUN.  I’ll always have my aviator Ray Bans as my go-to, but I’d also love to get my hands on a pair like these.

Trend 4: Bermuda Shorts

Who else is pumped these are back?! For the 18th time, I know.  But at least they’re back! I can remember in high school I used to wear Bermuda shorts all the time, and people would be like “Um, are you wearing shorts or Capri’s?” I’ve always loved the laid-back feel.  You can wear them with flop flops and a flowy top in the summer, or a blazer and heels to an event.  Bermuda shorts may provide a relief for you; Instead of wearing the butt-grazing acid wash shorts being seen everywhere right now (and I am admittedly obsessed with), you can wear the bermuda without sacrificing comfort or style.

This denim is so cute! Perfect for the beach.

Trend 5.  Jailbird Stripes

Who’s ready to get locked up? Nah, I didn’t just say that.  But really, jailbird stripes are in for the win this season.  Bold and stylish, you’ve gotta get your hands on this look!

For play: (I LOVE THIS)

For work.  I can think of a few of my 9-5 girls that would look amazing in this!!

So, there it is ladies.  5 Spring Trends to get your hands on this year! Also keep piling on the Neons & Brights, Denim, Leather and Cute Wedges this season.  So ready for warm weather in NYC!

Happy Fashion Friday – I’m headed to a Boxing class, a spray tan, and an InStyle/Bare Minerals event later with my mom! What a day ;)