Heyyyyy now, time for some fashion.  If you’ve seen my Instagram account, then this outfit is nothing new to you.  But if not, let’s break it down.  This outfit is ALL about the hat, clearly.  In fact, it started with the hat.

My birthday hat.

Sometimes the best outfits are those that start from the head and move down, or vice versa.  For example, how many of us have revolved an outfit around the new pair of kick-ass shoes we just bought? That’s how some of the best outfits are put together, if you ask me.  Sure, the polka dots and skinny jeans would look cute on their own, but the hat really cinches the outfit together and gives it fashion flair.

 Next time you go shopping, buy a statement piece you normally wouldn’t wear, yet still reflects your personal style. Step outside the box.  Feel fabulous.  It can start with a hat <3