Hey all! Hooooooooly heat wave.  It is too damn hot in NYC right now.  What’s even worse is I won’t be making it to the beach this weekend.  I do promise to take some more Fashion Friday pics next week, but in the meantime I’ve scoured Pinterest for some fantastic looks and ideas for summer.

Well, we know it’s too hot to wear a lot of clothes.  Might as well look cute while ya sweat your ass off.  With bright tanks and floral shorts, you cannot go wrong.  A braid has been my summer hair staple as it is so low-maintenance and keeps you cool.

In the off-chance that you’re OUT of the heat, possibly vacationing or staying in a hotel with air conditioning, I highly recommend pulling off a look like this.  I’m obsessed, from head to toe.  The proportions are right, the hair is perfect, the heels are so sexy.  Peeeeerrrrrfection.

My go-to these days.  High-waisted cut offs and a tucked-in tank.  Keep a light-weight scarf or shawl handy for a little extra style.

Nothing says Sexy Summer Date like a white dress in a loose-fitted style.  Drapery is beautiful, heels are fantastic.  You’ll be showing just the right amount of skin!

In this kind of heat it’s easy to let be fashionable fall on the back burner.  Shop for “barely there” styles that will look sexy and also help you beat the heat!!